NOLU a new mobile app catering to the emotional inclusion of people living with disabilities just launched on the Apple Store

By Terry Loerch, CEO of United Disabilities

February 8, 2022


NOLU, (No One Left Unloved) Launched on Android in July 2021. Nolu is a new mobile app catering to the emotional inclusion of people living with disabilities offering a safe, inclusive relationship dating space and community. Since its introduction, the social app has been adopted by users, community leaders, and members of the health care industry on three different continents.

When NOLU submitted the iOS version application to the Appstore in December, despite the latest App Store Review Guidelines labeling “dating apps” as a saturated category, it was recognized that Nolu was much more than a “dating app”. Nolu’s greater mission is addressing the needs of an underserved and deserving community, the disabled community. Apple acknowledged that Nolu provides “a unique, high-quality experience to its users” and approved the application.

With its official release on the App Store this month, Nolu can now reach out to every mobile user worldwide and empower people with disabilities everywhere in their pursuit of love and meaningful relationships.

Nolu’s journey started 2 years ago in Quebec with François Rochon, a retired entrepreneur living with multiple sclerosis for over 30 years. For most of his adult life, he dreamed of a world where he could enjoy the same opportunities found in the popular dating sites that so often discouraged him. He recalls: The difficulty for the disabled community is in the constant struggles in figuring out the right moment to disclose our disabilities and then too often being rejected once we openly talk about it.  François wanted to create a place where having a disability would not be a disadvantage and where anyone could be free to be who they are, and of course, I guess there was a little bit of magic when I met Catherine Dumas, an experienced business entrepreneur and dating expert, who is the co-founder and President of Nolu today. She brought this project to a whole new level I never thought possible.

Once onboard with the project, Catherine set out to create a fully inclusive app design, allowing users greater freedom and transparency in setting up their accounts and interacting with one another. Nolu welcomes members from all diverse communities, including LGBTQ+, and with all types of disabilities while encouraging inter-able-bodied and mixed disability relationships.

Here is what a Nolu user Marie Pontini had to say about Nolu: “When you already are with someone with a disability sometimes it’s really cool to just like being on the same level, you understand each other. An app like Nolu is helping me start again, going back into the waters and start dating again.” This experience is also echoed by Nolu’s user Steeve Deslaunier: “What I like about Nolu, compared to other apps, is that people are treated as equals. I don’t feel that we’re treated based on pity. I like the fact that we are all at the same level”.

To add to the standard dating activities in the Nolu app, Nolu is working on the last details of a new in-app video conferencing feature to improve the connection between users and to provide a safe meeting space where people can get to know each other even before getting together.

Today, there are close to 2 billion people globally living with disabilities worldwide. With our newly launched app, they can now find love and companionship, maybe start a family and have children, which adds up to a greater quality of living and happiness.

Nolu is available for download for free for a short period of time. Take this opportunity and find your true love and download the app below.

Available on Google Play and Appstore:

Google App download: (NOLU Google Play Download)

Applestore download : (NOLU Applestore Download)

For more information call Catherine Dumas, president

(514) 248-5317

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No way!!! A dating site for us. This will be the next site i check out.. cool

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