Virus Protection Clothing- Essential for the Battle against COVID-19

By Bruce Markey

In a growing pandemic such as the COVID-19, the significant use of virus protection clothing can never be stressed enough. Protective clothing is particularly important for healthcare workers who put their lives at risk while in close proximity to infected patients.

Millions around the world are scrambling to comprehend and tackle the new coronavirus, which emerged in China during early December 2019. The virus, which has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, has attacked every country on the planet and caused the death of millions across the world. While most of the countries are under complete lockdown to prevent the spread of the disease, this deadly virus has wreaked havoc on several countries such as China, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

The novel coronavirus, which is deadlier than the seasonal flu, is highly transmissible and has devastating effects. As the virus spreads quickly from one person to another in a contained environment, there are several methods to slow down the spread of the disease. Social distancing, frequent hand washing, wearing facemasks, and virus protection clothing can limit the spread of the disease to an extent.

Why Virus Protection Clothing is Essential for Healthcare Workers?

One of the most depressing facts about the novel coronavirus is that a person can spread the disease even before the symptoms appear. This explains why it is extremely difficult to contain the virus at an early stage as asymptomatic people keep spreading the disease even without being aware of it.

As healthcare workers are the first line of defense, it is important for them to wear virus protection clothing as it acts as a barrier against the disease and prevents the person from being infected. The use of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is essential to fight the battle of COVID-19. Equipment such as facemasks, disposable gowns, disposable gloves, and eye protection are essential for healthcare workers as they interact with infected people round the clock.

The use and significance of protective clothing can seldom be stressed enough due to the innate ability of the virus to spread quickly from person to person and from inanimate objects. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus becomes airborne and it remains suspended in the air for about 20 minutes or more, posing a dangerous threat to people in the vicinity. This is exactly the reason why the CDC recommends the use of protective clothing by healthcare workers, which include doctors and nurses, as they are at the risk of contracting the virus quickly. The proper use of protective clothing and types of equipment will help to deter the spread of novel coronavirus, which has quickly traversed from country to country within a period of three months.

It is pertinent for people in the healthcare sector to use virus protection clothing and other equipment to protect them from being infected by the deadly disease. More thousands of healthcare workers across the world have fallen ill due to coronavirus pandemic and many are forced into quarantine due to the lack or shortage of proper PPE.

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