Prescription Medications good or bad choice for Sex when you are in your 60’s?

While a person’s mind may still want to have a strong and active sex life the body may not always be able to obey. There are some prescription medications out there that have proven to offer those over 60 help with such issues. For example, those with diabetes or arthritis may find that they are in too much pain or don’t have enough energy for sex.

However, with medication to control their diabetes and a good diet their energy levels increase. There are medications for arthritis too that can prevent the joints from swelling up. This means a person can go about activities including sex and not be in constant pain. It may be something that younger generations take for granted, but when you are physically in pain it can be almost impossible to enjoy the pleasures of sex.

One of the most common types of prescription drugs that men use to help them enjoy sex is Viagra. This is a type of pill that a man takes when he is mentally excited to have sex but the penis isn’t getting or maintaining an erection. Many men have found Viagra and similar products have allowed them to have a very enjoyable sex life once again. Their age hasn’t been able to stop them from making this important element part of their normal lifestyle.

The pill known as Cialis has also become very popular. This is because a man can take it and then be able to maintain erections when he is ready over the course of the next 36 hours. This means you don’t have to plan the act of lovemaking such as you do with Viagra and similar types of prescription medications. It allows the process to be more natural and many men really enjoy having that control over their sexual activities.

There are similar types of prescription medication for women as well. One huge problem for them after menopause is a decrease in the hormone estrogen. As a result, they may find they have very little interest in sex. Even if they engage in the act, they just aren’t getting the level of pleasure out of it as they once did. Estrogen pills can be prescribed to help a woman gain her libido back.

Prescription medications may be a good option for you if you are older and you really want to improve your sex life. You will need to talk to your doctor about it so a complete assessment can be performed. Identifying the true reasons why you struggle to get an erection or why you aren’t enjoying the sexual activity is important so be honest with your answers.

There are certainly plenty of prescription medications offered today to help those over 60 be able to continue with healthy and satisfying sex life. Keep in mind that some of them are quite expensive though. There are also some side effects associated with each of them to be ready for. You may have to experiment with a variety of different types of prescription medications before you find the one that helps you get to the level of sexual activity you want in your life.

Prescription medications aren’t the answer for everyone though. There may be too many health issues for you to consider using them. You may also find that the various side effects also make it difficult for you to enjoy sex. Never use prescription medications for someone else because you are too embarrassed to talk to your doctor about it.

You do owe it to yourself though to see if there is a medication that can significantly improve your sex life into your 60s and beyond. There are plenty of people out there in this age group and beyond that find sex more enjoyable now than at any other time in their life. Being able to continue engaging in the activity helps to keep them both healthy and happy.

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