Making Life with a Baby Easier with the right supplies!

By Richard Conard

Some products on the market offer little value in terms of helping new parents out with the care of their babies. But some have a lot to offer and can make something that is normally hard and draining, easier! Examples of great products are the insulated water bottle 1 liter, the travel car bottle warmer, and the insulated bottle bag.

When you have to reduce down what you are taking on a long car journey but you want to bring things that will truly bring great value, these are certainly worth buying. Where once car travel with a baby was a stressful thing that a lot of parents just chose not to both with until they reached a certain age, now with the right combination of things you can have your own life while still being good parents too!

Look for things that are made well
Key to your purchasing decisions should be how useful they will be and what kind of quality they are. Having good traveling experiences means keeping your baby comfortable, fed when they need it and sticking to the routines you have. Some babies will drink room temperature formula or breast milk, but many will not. With a combination of bottle warmers, and an insulated bottle bag and water bottle you can provide them with what they need. But not all products do what they promise to look into their design, how people review them, and what kind of reputation the manufacturer has.

Car bottle warmers
There are several reliable travel bottle warmers to consider. Make sure that what you choose is compatible with your vehicle and that it suits your style of bottle. It is handy to use a warmer that has an automatic shut off to prevent overheating the milk and accidental burns. Some use batteries but some also work via the car charger which is useful when the batteries are not charged or replaced. Speed of heating is also a factor, when the baby is hungry and your partner is trying to drive, getting them their feed as quickly as you can is the ideal solution.

Insulated bottle bag and 1-liter bottle
If you are not feeding them in the car having an insulated bottle bag, and something like an insulated water bottle 1 liter gives you the option of pulling over somewhere. You could carry it all into a services area and feed your baby while you have a coffee. Keep their milk warm, or keep the water warm for a shorter trip.

Going on a trip or having to drive a long distance to visit family does not have to be put off until your children are older. It just takes a bit more preparation and planning. With the right supplies whether you are with someone in the car, or driving by yourself with your baby you can see they are taken care of, and you do not face having to drive while listening to your hungry crying baby!

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