Look Beyond Medicines To Treat Chronic Pain & Fatigue

By Peter Dobie

Dr. Dobie specializes in Chronic fatigue syndrome treatment, integrative medicine, anti-aging medicine, cosmetic medicine, and allergy. Treatments offered include bio-identical hormones, intravenous vitamin therapy, and chelation therapy.

Most people have a negative approach towards the pain that’s troubling their bodies. Instead of understanding and treating the illness, they just focus on reducing the pain. With medicines, you can end your pain, but the illness will remain and cause pain once again later.

Many people assume that, unavoidably, everyone encounters some sort of chronic pain or illness. We’ve been taught to think that pain is our only trouble issue, and if we dispose of this pain then every single of our inconveniences is finished.

We have discovered that the main solution that we require with the aim to live with pain is the consumption of medicine to limit the pain. We have a habit to treat illnesses that are resulting in pain as if pain is the reason for the illness. Accordingly, if we just dispose of the pain of that illness, then our capacity to live with the illness will be adequate for quality living.

When we go to most health experts who offer physical medicines, for example, a physical therapist, chiropractor, orthopaedist, massage specialist, sports trainer, then we may state, “My neck is paining; my back hurts; my feet are swollen.” The reaction that we hope to get is, “I can help you to dispose of that pain.”

Even if the health professional says, “Your back hurts since you have these different other issues as well,” still our inclination is to just proceed with treatment for the pain until the pain leaves. At that point, we discontinue treatment regardless of the fact that the health expert can help out us to prevent that pain from coming back. Because of our human inclinations, despite everything we try to react to pain with temporary solutions that influence our view of the illnesses that cause pain and discomfort.

We need to grow our point of view to genuinely understand the idea of chronic pain and fatigue. For the time being, consider the idea that health issues are behind the pain. Grasp the possibility that our basic nature is to stay delightful, flexible, and full of energy. At whatever point our body has a limitation on its capacity to have the flexibility of development, there might be a negative impact on our physiological procedures.

Additionally, if there is not adequate adaptability, flexibility, and strength, then we will be encountering pain or uneasiness. Remember, when you’re not encountering the joy and flexibility of your body, there’s surely an issue.

You need to ask yourselves a set of questions, such as:

  • I’m encountering pain. What condition is present in my body that it is giving me a signal through pain?
  • What have I done to create those conditions? Have I consumed anything unhealthy or follow an unhealthy lifestyle?
  • How do I turn around my approach to adjust the conditions so that I can encounter joy, happiness, flexibilityArticle Submission, and strength?

These are a few questions that can surely help you to understand what chronic fatigue is all about. You need to consult an expert doctor to get a better idea about the illnesses that have been troubling your body and causing pain.

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