Learning In Preschool

By Amanda J Hales

Since preschools began, there has been that never-ending argument of if the experience is actually worth it. Should the little ones go to a school before kindergarten and learn things with strangers, or would their time be better spent at home with a loving family? While preschool isn’t the best option for everyone, it is something that can be very beneficial for your little one.

School itself is ever-evolving and now even kids in kindergarten are focusing more and more on academics and getting that sturdy basis for learning in place. The earlier the better, right? And this is where proponents of preschools come in because this is the place that sets your child up for this future learning once they hit kindergarten age.

It used to be that preschools were just glorified babysitting places where mom and dad could drop the kids off a few days a week and that would be that. Well, no more as now the play-based learning still exists, and so do actual ‘classes’ on things like number recognition, letter recognition, pre-math skills like counting and simple addition and subtraction, and of course the alphabet and what sound each letter makes. Of course, your toddler isn’t actually sitting at a desk being drilled on the alphabet, but the multitude of activities and learning opportunities available certainly does make a significant difference, and the best part is your child likely won’t even realize she’s learning.

Preschools are also a great place to let imagination run wild, and are encouraging places for cooperative play and learning together. They also foster friendships and sharing and caring for others, social skills that are wonderful things to teach those very young. They also strive to teach independence, kids can do a lot of things for themselves and a preschool is a great place to put those skills on display.

If you’re worried about gross and fine motor skills, preschools have that covered too. Whether it’s running, jumping or climbing or sitting quietly threading beads, cutting out shapes, or learning to write, they have your little one covered.

Studies have found that kids who attend preschool are that much more ready for kindergarten and have a great love of learning and a curiosity about the world around them. They are like little sponges just waiting to soak up more and more information. While preschool may not always be the best option, it’s a great thing to keep in mind for your little one.

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