Can You Eat Raw Fruits and Vegetables with Dentures?

When you first get your dentures, there will be an adjustment period while you learn to eat, speak, and smile with your new teeth. During this time, you might start to wonder about any new diet limitations that you’ll have to worry about from now on. In particular, will you still be able to eat fruits and vegetables raw, or will you have to cook them first? Here’s what you need to know when planning meals after dentures.

The Limitations of Dentures

Even after you’ve adjusted to your dentures, there will be several foods that you’ll be told to avoid or eat sparingly. Hard foods are high on the list; trying to chew them causes your jaw and your dentures to apply uneven pressure, which can damage your new teeth.

Many fruits such as oranges, peaches, bananas, and mangoes are soft enough for you to easily enjoy while wearing dentures. However, harder fruits and vegetables like apples and raw carrots may present problems for your prosthetic. You don’t have to cut these foods out of your diet altogether, but it’s better to take the time to prepare them properly by either cooking them or cutting them into smaller pieces.

Other foods that might give you trouble with dentures include:

• Sticky sweets like caramel that might dislodge your dentures while you’re eating.

• Tough meats that require an excessive amount of chewing, which can put stress on your new teeth.

•  Foods with small pieces that might get stuck in your dentures, such as popcorn and shelled nuts.

How You Can Continue to Enjoy a Full Diet with Dentures

If you’re bothered by not being able to eat raw vegetables and other foods that you love, you might want to consider upgrading to implant dentures. As the name implies, these are dentures that are supported by a number of dental implant posts inserted into your jaw. Normally, about four to eight implant posts are required to support a full denture, although the exact amount can vary depending on factors such as jawbone density.

One of the biggest advantages of implant dentures is that they have stability and chewing power that’s almost on par with that of your natural teeth. This means that implant dentures have little to no diet restrictions to worry about. As a result, you can eat all your favorite foods again, including a wide variety of raw produce.

That said, it’s important to keep in mind that to get dental implants, there needs to be enough bone in your jaw to support the posts. If your teeth have been missing for a while, there likely has already been some bone loss in your jaw. That won’t necessarily disqualify you from getting implant dentures, however; you may still be eligible after a bone graft.

Do you have any other concerns about eating with dentures? Are you thinking of getting dental implants in the near future? Reach out to your dentist today to see what they recommend for your smile.

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