Are You Depressed Or This Is Just A Storm That Will Pass?

Are You Depressed Or This Is Just A Storm That Will Pass?

Depression is a silent killer. It’s a disease that is talked about in hush voices. Most people don’t talk about depression because of the fear of being judged or appearing abnormal, or the fear of being misunderstood.

People will only talk about depression after it has taken a toss on somebody’s life. Like the case of Chester Bennington’s suicide, could it have been prevented?

Depression manifests itself in symptoms such as daytime sleepiness, inability to form relationships, and inability to work. There is a stigma put on people willing to go for treatment for this illness from depression rehab centers. Specialists in these centers can help in the diagnosis process. This can be difficult for one to do alone since depression seems to creep on a victim like a shadow. Depression is even harder to accept and diagnose when you are trapped in a supportive family, good looks, money, and fame. Under these scenarios, no one expects that depression can be your ultimate destroyer.

How Do You Know If You are Depressed?

It is encouraged that you do to a rehab center in Texas that focuses on depression rehabilitation. At this center, no one will judge you for “being unhappy while you have everything”.

Feeling down once in a while is normal. What is abnormal is being unable to snap out of a sad feeling within days like with most ordinary people. If you struggle daily with feelings of low self-worth, appetite loss or gain, guilt, listlessness, and difficulty concentrating you need to make an appointment in a depression rehab center.

Depression is not stress. You cannot cure it simply by focusing your attention on work or surrounding yourself with people you love. This can only be a short-term solution. You don’t have to be weeping or moping all day to be considered depressed. In fact, a good number of depression victims who visit depression rehab centers in Texas confess of being normally in the company of others. But when alone you can be overwhelmed with feelings of inadequacy and emptiness, which is treatable.

You Are Not Alone

According to statistics, 99% of people who commit suicide have some type of psychiatric disorder and 75% of this population is clinically depressed. Depression does not choose a race, age, or class; it can affect you at any age and from any background. You should see a doctor if your feelings of listlessness, social withdrawal, or sadness don’t seem to be going away after two weeks or so.

Chronic depression that lasts for more than four weeks can be treated at depression rehab centers using depression medication. Attending a rehab center in Texas for depression treatment does not mean that you will be completely healed; depression is a battle you have got to fight every day. Happiness might be a choice for every other person, but for a depressed person, happiness is an achievement that you have to work hard to get.

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